The ease of onboarding and customer migration with Passenger

Adopting a new m-ticketing solution can be daunting, especially when the service you provide caters to a large customer base, and to which any disruption may result in disgruntled riders and lower-than-average app reviews. That’s why Passenger is developed for expedited onboarding and supports a customer migration plan that takes both potential revenue loss and company reputation into consideration.

At Passenger, we understand that any disruption to our software can have a seriously detrimental impact on an operator’s reputation. That’s why we not only develop Passenger with reliability and dependability front of mind, but structure processes so onboarding of new customers to our technology is quick and efficient and customer migration is seamless.

Here’s how we work with customers behind the scenes to ease them into the Passenger model – or transition them from legacy apps over to the Passenger framework – with minimal-to-no interference to the rider and their daily journey.

Onboarding – welcome to Passenger

If you’re looking to run a Passenger app containing both m-ticketing and real-time travel information, then onboarding takes just 12 weeks from contract agreement to launch. If you’re looking for m-ticketing only, then we can get you up and running in just 8 weeks.

Over that time period you’ll receive Payment Service Provider (PSP) setup, implementation of data sources, branding, Passenger Cloud training, and a two-week closed pilot launch, which gives drivers and staff the opportunity to use and learn the system in situ before it’s launched via the App Stores.

Once everything is in place and app functionality fully tested, we’ll launch Passenger to an agreed deployment plan. From there onwards we’ll continually monitor the deployment to ensure stability and effectiveness – and to keep your riders happy!

Customer migration – introducing your riders to new software

We have developed and refined a comprehensive migration plan for existing m-ticketing customers. This plan can be tailored to the specific needs of your business to ensure as seamless a transition as possible. Importantly, our approach will factor in both the reputation you’ve built with your customers over the years and will seek to mitigate any potential loss of revenue during the switch.

We’ll be on hand to provide support and advice throughout the migration. The Passenger team will communicate the upcoming key ticket differences to your customers via teaser and launch campaigns across email, social media and website updates in the weeks leading up to the transition. We’ll also work with you throughout launch day to remove all traces of your previous solution and ensure customers experience a positive and non-obtrusive shift in software.

Matt Harrison, Marketing and Communications Assistant at Transdev, comments: “Our onboarding experience with Passenger was second to none. The Passenger team worked closely with us throughout the experience, ensuring we knew what was what and getting us up and running with ease. Our users were ably guided through what could have been a complex and difficult transition.”

Tom Quay, director and founder at Passenger, comments: “It’s incredibly important to us that Passenger is not just reliable in the service it provides to customers, but that we can also familiarise them with the tools as quickly and effectively as possible. We work very closely with our customers to ensure seamless transitions, and following that, a fast development cycle, reliable technology infrastructure and additional functionality where requested.”

Passenger is currently powering the 10 highest-rated public transport operator mobile ticketing apps by App Store review in the UK. Every Passenger app deployment has a higher than average (avg. 4.5 stars) App Store rating, compared to other operator-branded mobile apps (UK avg. 1.8 stars).

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