#AYearOfBuses 283: 383 Barnet – Woodside Park

London bus 383

Given that #AYearOfBuses is only running until the end of 2019, there won’t be a day 383 – but we couldn’t leave out Uno’s only TfL bus route from this list.

Recently given an upgrade in the form of revitalised and route branded buses, Uno’s partnership with TfL and Best Impressions must surely become the ‘blueprint’ for how to do route branding in the land of red buses properly.

Launched on 20 September at Friary Park, Barnet, buses on the 383 feature a tasteful suite of enhancements. Bespoke coves illustrate the buses inside, whilst simple adornments – such as the ‘BUSES’ roundel placed neatly on the back window – bring a little more character to TfL’s normally sterile specification.

With thanks to Mark Lyons for today’s suggestion and pic!


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