New electric buzzes for Manchester’s Bee Network

Alexander Dennis Enviro400City in Bee Network livery

New electric buses are coming to Greater Manchester. Buzzin’. Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM) has ordered 50 Enviro400City EV buses from manufacturer Alexander Dennis for its new franchised bus system, part of the city’s impending ‘Bee Network’. They’ll be built across the Pennines in Scarborough, and will be the first to feature TfGM’s new Bee […]

#AYearOfBuses 219: Manchester – Stalybridge

Stagecoach Manchester bus 219

Three days ago, we featured one of two routes linking Manchester with Ashton on #AYearOfBuses, and today, we’re taking a look at the second. Stagecoach Manchester’s 219 links Manchester city centre with Openshaw, Guide Bridge and Ashton, running along Ashton Old Road (sister route 216, which we featured a few days ago, runs along Ashton […]

#AYearOfBuses 216: Manchester – Ashton

Stagecoach bus 216

Today on #AYearOfBuses, we’re taking a look at one of two core bus routes linking Manchester with the Tameside town of Ashton. Stagecoach Manchester’s 216 links Manchester city centre with Clayton, Droylsden and Ashton-under-Lyne, running along the Ashton New Road out of the city towards Tameside. It’s one of two direct routes (if you discount […]

#AYearOfBuses 203: Manchester – Stockport

Manchester bus 203

We’re heading back to Manchester for day 203 on #AYearOfBuses – today’s winner is the 203, linking the city with Reddish and Stockport. Stagecoach Manchester’s 203 is one of the company’s ‘Hyde Road’ routes, which along with its siblings the 201, 204 and 205 come together to offer a bus every few minutes from Gorton […]

#AYearOfBuses 192: Manchester – Hazel Grove

Stagecoach bus 192

Today, it’s a big one. On day 192 of #AYearOfBuses, there could only be one winner. A stalwart of Manchester’s bus scene, the 192 has a long and distinguished history, which began with horse-drawn trams at the Hazel Grove end of the route in 1889. Fast forward over 130 years, and – along with the […]

#AYearOfBuses 186: Manchester – Chorlton

Manchester bus 86

Today on #AYearOfBuses, we’re taking a look at a great northern bus route we didn’t get chance to feature back on day 86! Stagecoach Manchester’s 86 is a long-standing bus route in the city, linking the well-to-do suburb of Chorlton in the south of the city with Hulme and the city centre. Now a Stagecoach […]

#AYearOfBuses 184: Manchester – Huddersfield

Manchester bus 184

Today on #AYearOfBuses, we’re taking a look at a scenic cross-border route running from Manchester, over the moors and into Yorkshire. First Manchester’s 184 connects Manchester city centre with Oldham, Saddleworth in Tameside, and Huddersfield in West Yorkshire, taking a scenic route over the Saddleworth moors. On its long, winding route over the moors, the […]

#AYearOfBuses 182: Shaw – Manchester

Manchester bus 182

It’s one of Greater Manchester’s busiest bus routes – and today, the 182 is our focus on #AYearOfBuses. First Manchester’s 182 runs from Manchester city centre, to Newton Heath, New Moston, Chadderton, Royton and Shaw, with peak time extensions to Rochdale. Since Metrolink launched between Manchester, Oldham and Rochdale, the 182 has been locked in […]

#AYearOfBuses 171: Withington Hospital – Newton Heath

Mayne 171

One of Manchester’s longest, most winding bus routes is our winner for day 171 on #AYearOfBuses. It’s the bus route which arguably defines ’round the houses’. Previously running from Withington Hospital (but now shortened slightly, to East Didsbury), the one-time Mayne’s 171 takes a snaking, winding route through Burnage, Levenshulme, Gorton, Openshaw, Clayton, Droylsden, and […]

#AYearOfBuses 147: Manchester – West Didsbury

Magic Bus 147

Another weapon in Stagecoach’s Oxford Road arsenal, today’s winner on #AYearOfBuses is Magic Bus 147. The 147 started life in 2005 as Manchester’s ‘Oxford Road Link’, a university and hospital contract ran by Bullocks with a small fleet of brand new Scania Omnicities. Stagecoach gobbled up Bullocks’ local bus operations in 2008, but interestingly, the […]

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