Here’s what the future trains for HS2 could look like

Alstom HS2 concept

Five bidders have revealed their plans for the potential future rolling stock for HS2, the UK’s second high speed rail line. AGV and Eurostar-inspired designs amongst the contenders Alstom, Siemens, Talgo, a Hitachi-Bombardier consortium and CAF have all unveiled details around their bids to build the next generation of high-speed trains for HS2, the UK’s […]

RATP places huge order for 50 Alstom Aptis electric buses


Alstom has won a huge order for 50 of its Aptis electric buses. It follows an order from Strasbourg for 12 of the revolutionary double-ended vehicles French train (and now bus) manufacturer Alstom has won an initial order for 50 of its groundbreaking 12-metre long Aptis buses from RATP, financed by Île-de-France Mobilités. It follows […]

Hydrogen-powered train for the UK unveiled

Alstom Breeze

French train manufacturer Alstom has teamed up with leasing company Eversholt to unveil a new train powered by hydrogen. Well, technically, it’s not an entirely new train – codenamed ‘Breeze’, the hydrogen-powered unit will be a conversion of existing Class 321 trains, reengineering some of the UK’s ‘most reliable rolling stock, to create a clean train […]

DT5 – the new generation for HOCHBAHN


A new generation of subway train is picking up speed in Hamburg. The DT5 – “DT” stands for twin railcars – is ultra-modern, meets the latest environmental and safety standards and offers passengers a very high level of comfort. Check out the making of the DT5 in this video from HOCHBAHN (commentary is in German). Find […]

Pimp My Metro: 13 additional DT5s are on the way for Hochbahn

French train builder Alstom will team up with Bombardier to supply 13 more DT5 units to HOCHBAHN. HOCHBAHN’s insanely-charismatic DT5 first hit the rails on the Hamburg Metro system in 2012, replacing the earlier DT2 and DT-3E models primarily on U-Bahn lines U3 and U4. The three-car sets are Hamburg’s first ever air-conditioned ‘walkthrough’ metro trains, […]

Alstom unveils design for its production Aptis

Alstom has unveiled the new design for Aptis, its 100% electric, tram-inspired mobility solution. Unveiled at the European Mobility Exhibition that took place during June in Paris, the new design is the one for the standard vehicle, for which the first deliveries will be possible from July 2019. For the production vehicles, Aptis will retain […]

The world’s first hydrogen powered train is undergoing testing in Germany

Alstom's Coradia iLint

French train manufacturer Alstom is about to finish a four week test run of its Coradia iLint – the world’s first and only hydrogen fuel cell-powered train. Yes, you read that correctly. Whilst rail passengers in northern England are waking up to face another woeful commute on board this morning’s diesel-belching Pacer, Alstom has been busy […]

Gigantic order for new double decker trains placed for RER network

X Trapolis Cityduplex

They often say ‘bigger is better’, and metro trains don’t come much bigger than the brand new trains for SNCF’s Transilien network. An Alstom-Bombardier consortium has won the contract to supply a whopping 255 trains for France’s Île-de-France network. The order, worth an estimated 3.75 billion euros, is the largest contract ever financed by STIF, the authority […]

Le Tramway de Tours: the world’s most beautiful tramway?

Here’s a million-dollar question for you: which city is home to the most beautiful tramway in the world? Well, we think we might have found a potential contender. Stashed neatly away in the small but beautiful city of Tours, France, and nestled on the lower reaches of the River Loire, lives Le Tramway de Tours – a 14.8km, […]

Nottingham’s NETwork: open for business

Members of NET's new Alstom Citadis fleet at the Wilkinson Street depot.

Nottingham Express Transit (NET) Phase Two opened at 6am this morning, and so – naturally – we just had to spend the day riding around on the new ‘NETwork’! Four years in the making. 17.5km of new track. 28 new tram stops. Two brand new lines. August 25th, 2015 will certainly be remembered as a […]

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