Hello Kitty lands in LA

And here's the existing jet - Eva Air's new B777 aircraft will feature a similar livery to the ones already operating in Asia.

Brace yourself Los Angeles – Hello Kitty has landed in LA.

The feline character could already be found patrolling routes across Asia, but has now taken the US by storm.

A joint venture between Eva Air and Sanrio (the creators of Hello Kitty), the brand is already alive and established across much of Japan, Hong Kong, South Korea and China – where Hello Kitty enjoys practical celebrity status. And we’re not just talking planes emblazoned with feline faces – there’s a whole brand experience, from bespoke boarding cards to pink, flowery, boutique check-in desks.

Eva Air and Sanrio teamed up to create the Hello Kitty jet.

The new route launched with a fanfare of sickeningly-pink marketing collateral and a website so colourful, sunglasses are required to open the homepage.

The new American plane, a Boeing 777 (the world’s largest twinjet aircraft), will fly three times per week from Taipei to LA – with a planned European schedule in the near future.

A special Hello Kitty wallpaper...

Hello Kitty jet can be found on a range of Eva Air's routes - including the Los Angeles route from 18 September.

The name ‘Speed Puff’ is a particular work of genius.

Would you fly with Hello Kitty jet? Can you think of anything more…pink? Write in the comments below, or drop us a tweet – @transportdsn.

This article was originally published in September 2013. Hello Kitty air has since been binned by EVA Air. And we’re completely stumped as to the reason.

Image credits and copyright: Eva Air and airportsinternational.com


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