Check out this Railfreight-inspired album artwork, by Studio.Build

Here’s one for the British Rail fans.

OK, so whilst not technically transport design per se, we really love this suite of Railfreight-inspired album artwork created by Leeds-based creative agency,

It was designed Build for Aus Records, and reflects on a wide range of transport-inspired graphic and typographic influences.

Taking cues from Kinneir and Calvert’s ubiquitous UK transport signage system, as well as the bold, brash, bright blocks of colour which pervade Roundel’s infinitely-recognisable identity for British Rail’s Railfreight, we love the way in which those pixel blocks of colour come together to evoke that feeling of pure 1980s BR nostalgia.


We’re not going to cover British Rail’s Railfreight identity in any great detail here – that’s already been covered magnificently over on wonderful transport blog, The Beauty of Transport.

Know of any more transport-themed album artwork? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @transportdsn.

Inside Out was released on 30 March 2018. Get it here. Image credits and artwork courtesy of Studio.Build


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