#AYearOfBuses 361: Red Arrow Derby – Nottingham

Red Arrow Plaxton Elite

Can you believe it? We’ve only got 5 days left of the year – and we’re down to our final five winners on #AYearOfBuses.

Each day, we’ve tried to tie the ‘day’ in with the route number of our pick of the day, but for the final five, we’re throwing caution to the wind and picking five incredible bus routes which haven’t yet featured on #AYearOfBuses.

Today’s winner is Trent Barton’s iconic intercity coach route – Red Arrow. It started off as a jointly-run route, run by Trent and Barton in the 1980s, but initially wasn’t very popular at a time of increasing car ownership and non-existent bus marketing.

Fast forward 20-odd years, and Red Arrow is flying. The non-stop service between Derby and Nottingham is home to a fleet of ultra high-spec Plaxton Elite-bodied triaxle coaches, running 24 hours a day with departures up to every 10 mins.


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