#AYearOfBuses 351: Heathfield – Eastbourne

Stagecoach bus 51

Today’s winner on #AYearOfBuses links up with a previous winner to create one staggeringly scenic bus route across Kent and East Sussex.

All the way back on day 252 of #AYearOfBuses, we featured Stagecoach’s route 252, which runs from Tunbridge Wells to Rotherfield, Mayfield and the affluent town of Heathfield, in East Sussex.

Today’s winner is the 51. There’s a guaranteed connection from the 251 and 252 at Heathfield with the 51, which will take you even further south – to the coast at Eastbourne, in fact – via the quaint town of Polegate, complete with its grade II listed windmill.

Image credit: grassrootsgroundswell


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