#AYearOfBuses 208: Lewisham – Orpington

London bus 208

Today’s winner on #AYearOfBuses is – or was – a London bus route with a difference!

Go-Ahead London General’s 208 began life in 1982, in the hands of a fleet of crew-operated AEC Routemasters replacing part of the discontinued route 94. The RMs were replaced two years later by crew-operated Leyland Titans, before it was converted to one man operation two years later again.

The 208 is unusual in that it was – up until 2010 – operated in two overlapping sections. Half of the 208 ran from Orpington to Catford, with the other half running from Bromley to Lewisham, combining to create a higher frequency on the section between Bromley and Catford.

Image credit: Adam Murray


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