#AYearOfBuses 172: Mendip Xplorer Paulton – Bath

Mendip Xplorer 172

It’s day 172 on #AYearOfBuses! We’re taking another look at First’s Mendip Xplorers in the south west.

Back on day 126, we took a look at another of the Mendip Xplorers, the 126.

Whilst the 126 connects Wells with the coast, the 172 links the town with the city of Bath, alongside the 173 and 174. The 172 crosses the Old English town of Midsomer Norton, deep in the Mendip Hills, where, randomly, childrens author Roald Dahl flogged kerosene to the locals for their gas lamps before his books hit the big time!

It’s also the inspiration behind TV hit Midsomer Murders – though the TV series is set in Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire, it was Midsomer Norton which donated its name.

Image credit: Neil Jennings on Flickr


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