Hong Kong Tramway’s iconic green is now a Pantone colour

HK tram green

Hong Kong’s iconic trams have been recognised by the Pantone Color Institute – their signature shade of green is now an official Pantone colour.

Pantone collaborated with Hong Kong’s Tramways to create a new signature green shade that pays tribute to the Hong Kong Tram, and its historical and cultural significance within Hong Kong. Leveraging the power of color in design to preserve and celebrate the history and heritage of Hong Kong’s rich social and cultural past whilst simultaneously communicating a vision for the future, HK Tram Green showcases this globally renowned mobile landmark as a pleasurable mode of transport, one whose ability to bring all people together nourishes our sense of connection to others and creates a welcoming feeling of community.

HK TRAMWAYS, Hong Kong’s first comprehensive transport system, was established in 1904 to provide citizens of Hong Kong and tourists to this growing metropolis with an accessible and affordable mode of transportation that could be easily adapted to the geographical landscape connecting the east and west of Hong Kong island.

Since the 1940s, HK TRAMWAYS has been furnishing the bodies of its self-built double-decker tram fleet with the dark green paint left in abundance during wartime. After a century of tram car manufacturing with continuous innovations along the way, the famous green tone has become an icon of Hong Kong, securing its visual brand identity globally.

The instantly recognizable green exterior of Hong Kong’s tram cars, is a symbolic reminder of Hong Kong’s heritage, paying tribute to Hong Kong’s tradition of making everyone count and feel welcome and at the same time emblematic of Hong Kong’s unique physical environment, one that organically blends the energy and bustling vibrancy of city life with the relaxing calm and majestic views of the highest peaks of Hong Kong’s lush green mountains.

HK Tram Green is a vivid and verdant deep grassy green shade that celebrates the heritage and cultural significance of HK Tramways and its unique distinction as a globally recognized iconic mobile landmark.

A refreshing and restorative green tone that alleviates stress and calms the spirit, naturally fertile HK Tram Green inspires relaxation, enabling us to reinvigorate and replenish. Promoting balance and harmony, HK Tram Green enhances our sense of well-being, encouraging connection and community and cultivating our ties to others.

Read more about HK Tram Green on the Pantone website.


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