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#AYearOfBuses 170: Roehampton – Victoria

London bus 170

We’re taking a trip back to the capital today on #AYearOfBuses!

The 170 is one of only a handful of single decker bus routes running in central London, the vast majority of course being double decker routes. But recently, it turned out that even single deckers were too tall for the 170!

In December 2017, London General retained the contract for the route, using a fleet of Wright Streetlites. These proved to be taller than the Dennis Darts they replaced, leading to the route being diverted away from the rail bridge on Lombard Road in Battersea.

After a petition in the area, the Streetlites were binned in favour of Enviro200s, and the 170 returned to its original route.

Image credit: Fernando Garcia on Flickr

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