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#AYearOfBuses 151: Blackwood – Newport

Stagecoach 151

Day 151 on #AYearOfBuses has to be one of South Wales’ most scenic routes, full stop.

Stagecoach’s Gold 151 links Blackwood, in the Valleys of Wales, with the city of Newport with buses running up to every 10 mins.

As it snakes it way down through the valleys, the 151 passes through historic villages such as Cwmcarn, in the historic boundaries of Monmouthshire. Cwmcarn is a mecca for mountain bikers – it’s grown from its roots as a 19th century coal mining village, and is now known for its extensive forestry and greenery, that attract thousands of visitors and mountain biking enthusiasts each year.

Recently upgraded, the 151 is now a Gold-spec route, with buses featuring free WiFi, USB power and contactless payments on board.

Image credit: KK70088 on Flickr

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