Check out this Railfreight-inspired album artwork, by Studio.Build

Here’s one for the British Rail fans. OK, so whilst not technically transport design per se, we really love this suite of Railfreight-inspired album artwork created by Leeds-based creative agency, It was designed Build for Aus Records, and reflects on a wide range of transport-inspired graphic and typographic influences. Taking cues from Kinneir and Calvert’s ubiquitous UK transport […]

In pictures: Margaret Thatcher’s transport legacy

North Western Bee Line - one of the more colourful post-deregulation liveries!

The Right Honourable Baroness Thatcher passed away today, aged 87. We take a second to remember her transport legacy. Many in the transport (and related) industries will recount that there are two words almost synonymous with Thatcher’s time in office: privatisation and deregulation. It’s fair to say that Thatcher irreversibly changed the face of the transport industry […]

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