In pictures: every single HST livery, ever

Intercity swallow

Sir Kenneth Grange’s masterpiece, the Intercity 125 High Speed Train, is now in its twilight years. It looks like the end is nigh for the British Class 43 ‘Intercity 125’ HST, with their replacements, the Hitachi SuperExpress ‘IEP’, now entering service in droves. Built between 1975 and 1982, the Intercity 125 ‘HST’ trains are officially […]

Midland Mainline hits 125mph

The Midland Mainline has been upgraded to allow running at 125mph. EMT Meridian 222005. Image credit: Martyn-Ahoy on Flickr.

Trains on Britain’s Midland Mainline are now running at 125mph. As of last week, trains have been able to run at practically full pelt from London to a range of destinations in the North of England including Sheffield, Derby, Nottingham, East Midlands Parkway and Leicester. The higher line speeds should result in faster journey times […]

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