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Happy first birthday, Brightline!

Happy first birthday, Brightline!

Brightline, with their cheerful, bold and distinctive multicoloured trains, are turning 1 year old.

Brightline are the only privately-owned intercity passenger rail service in the US, and they’ve become something of a sensation, having carried 600,00 customers in their first year. That, we’re reliably informed, is enough people to fill nine SuperBowl stadiums!

Designed by New York-based architecture and design agency, Rockwell Group, each of Brightline’s five trains carry a different coloured livery, linked together by one common visual identity and central theme – approachability.

Green Brightline

According to Rcokwell, Brightline’s fleet reflects Florida’s welcoming spirit with fresh and playful graphics. Each of the five aerodynamic trains in the fleet is a different colour, adding an element of surprise on the platform.

Brightline currently operates in Florida between Miami, Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach, with plans to expand into Orlando and Tampa. The company recently announced that it intends to rebrand and transition to Virgin Trains USA this year and begin construction on a new express service connecting Las Vegas to Southern California.

Pink Brightline

In just 365 days, Brightline has:

  • Carried enough passengers to fill up 9 SuperBowl stadiums
  • Travelled as many miles as 195 cross-country trips between Los Angeles and Miami
  • Departed more than 8,000 trains
  • Hosted 1,540 loving pets
  • Had 16,984 excited children on board (not including their trips to the North Pole onboard the Polar Express)

Have you travelled on Brightline yet? What did you think?

Let us know in the comments below, or tweet – @transportdsn.

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Matt Harrison MCIM is a communications and marketing expert with over 12 years' experience, specialising in public transport. As Founder of Transport Designed, Matt is on a mission to celebrate and work with the most forward-thinking and innovative transport brands on the planet.

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  1. Matthew

    Wait until they all turn the same boring red as the Virgin Trains here in the UK!


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