Go-Ahead unveils the new look for East Yorkshire

EYMS Enviro400

Go-Ahead has unveiled its new look for East Yorkshire Motor Services.

The Go North East-owned subsidiary unveiled the first two buses to feature the new branding, an ex-demonstrator ADL Enviro400 and an MCV-bodied Volvo B7RLE single decker, outside Hull’s KCOM stadium earlier today (5 March).

It’s a radical departure from the EYMS of old – gone are the traditional maroon and cream lines, gold leaf lettering and even the name – to be replaced with something softer and much more modern.

Reimagined at the hands of Ray Stenning’s design agency, Best Impressions, East Yorkshire (as it’s now rebranded) features a rolling, curvaceous livery evoking the hills and surrounding countryside of the White Rose county. Indeed, the white rose features in the new logo, replacing the ‘o’ amongst a tastefully crisp sans-serif typeface. There’s a new tagline too, emblazoned across the ‘decker in a swooping, handwritten typeface – we’re all about East Yorkshire…& beyond.

East Yorkshire say ‘it’s an evolution of the existing brand, paying homage to the recent history of the company, whilst modernising the design and signalling the start of a new chapter’.

The two buses unveiled in the new livery are now out and about wearing the new branding, which will sit alongside the older East Yorkshire brand for the time being as the fleet is gradually upgraded and repainted.

EY Volvo

Over to you…

What do you think about Go-Ahead’s new look for East Yorkshire? Let us know in the comments below or tweet – @transportdsn.


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6 Responses

  1. I work for East Yorkshire and find the new livery refreshing,it’s needed within the company giving it a boost for us all .

  2. I agree, it’s definitley what’s been needed I think. The livery is brilliant and the future is exciting!

  3. I like it miss the old livery however East Yorkshire have revitalised the livery now that Go North East are on board I do live in Go North East land where they are loads of brands there livery is Red White and Blue with a yellow tint here is the Go North East standard livery taken by me https://www.flickr.com/photos/bazza90/33511395708/in/photolist-T4hEqC-2fctzhg-Rr8u2T-Rr8tMV-Rr8uBv-Rr8uj6-SSWTSC-2f26sa4-2f26sjc-2dChFrc-29PrGXm-NPR3J6-2cA6Azr-29Ps7T7-2cA6d8T-28XTFkx-247qmEB-JAcx4k-Y8B5x1-Z4FJRQ-YnHo5u-XHJKHB-X17k7a-WWumqJ-V4Pz4d-W6e6BL-VHsoWL-VbML8A-UTR9cY-T4dzYf-T6Zajc-U6D7Jo-T6Zqj2-TueD6H-T3NjX8-RGjT6j-Sh5Jdi-S3mEHG-RGjnhm-RGjtD9-R31rzM-SdpkMJ-QoFTjH-RrBeqB-RCr7NM

  4. At least they haven’t gone for the branded route option as in the Newcastle area. Every bus is a different colour, It’s really annoying.

  5. Just been on the new single decker number 18 . Holme on Spalding Moor to York. It is a beautifully designed and comfortable bus making the long 55 minute journey very pleasant. Great for people wishing to use their tablets phones etc as it has charging points at every seat. Great job.

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