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Dragonfly soars in this stunning new campaign for Uno

Dragonfly soars in this stunning new campaign for Uno

Hertfordshire-based bus operator Uno has revealed its latest brand – Dragonfly.

The University of Hertfordshire-owned bus company’s route linking Enfield with Cockfosters, Potters Bar, Hatfield, Harpenden and Luton has been relaunched with six brand new buses and a campaign paying a spectacular homage to their namesake, the only serviceable 1937 de Havilland Dragonfly biplane left in the UK.


The buses

Uno has invested £1m in the UK’s first Egyptian-built MCV eVoRa-bodied Volvo B8RLEs. Bearing a family resemblance to their double decker sibling, the EvoSeti, they feature 4G WiFi onboard, USB power at every seat, audio and visual next stop announcements, and comfy sofa-style seating uniquely positioned at the front of the bus.

Ray Stenning’s team at transport design agency Best Impressions have produced the livery in Uno’s new two-tone diagonal arrangement, complete with the usual array of tasteful interior details you’d expect – from cove panels detailing the history of de Havilland’s Dragonfly, to classy seat tags branded with the Uno logo. And let’s face it – who doesn’t love a cheeky seat tag?


Launch campaign

To bring Dragonfly to life, Uno enlisted the marketing and PR services of Leach-O’Connell Consultancy, working alongside Best Impressions and Leeds-based production specialists, Manto Films.

Dragonfly reflects Hatfield’s rich heritage in aviation engineering, with the spectacular photoshoot and video production taking place on the runway at North Weald Airfield, close to the birthplace of the UK’s only flying de Havilland Dragonfly.

The buses were joined on the runway by that very plane – G-AEDU, if you must know – which then took to the skies for that incredible flypast over the airfield. The video cuts between shots of the Dragonfly being fired up – both of them, in fact – the buttons and lights of the Volvo looking practically space age compared to the decidedly more ‘analogue’ dials and levers of the plane. There’s a stunning pan-shot of those gleaming buses before the de Havilland takes to the skies for the finale.

The final message probably isn’t the most customer-facing message of all time – ‘Introducing Uno’s Dragonfly, the UK’s first Volvo B8RLE MCV eVoRa’ – but it doesn’t detract from an otherwise insanely well-produced piece of video.

Jim Thorpe, Managing Director for Uno Bus, said: “This investment demonstrates our continued commitment to further improving the customer experience for our passengers both in the wider community and those studying at the University of Hertfordshire.

We’ve considered the needs of our passengers throughout the entire design process. We’ve added onboard facilities to really lift the whole journey experience. The whole team at Uno is really excited about the investment”.

Have you sampled Dragonfly yet? What do you think about the launch campaign? Leave your thoughts in the comments or drop us a tweet @transportdsn.

Image credits: Uno Bus


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