#AYearOfBuses 89: Calder Connect Rochdale – Burnley

Calder Connect

First West Yorkshire’s ‘Calder Connect’ 589 is our focus for today on #AYearOfBuses.

A trio of routes centred on Todmorden in the Calder Valley come together to create ‘Calder Connect’. It’s a brand which has its own liveried buses, complete with green-fronted Volvo B7RLEs, but one which is seen hardly anywhere else – you’ll struggle to find printed timetables nor any hint of the name online.

In any case, that shouldn’t detract from the routes themselves. The 589 runs from Rochdale, to Littleborough and Todmorden, from where it follows the River Calder up to Cornholme and over to Burnley. There are some simply spectacular views to be had of the rolling hills over Cliviger and Holme Chapel. Also part of Calder Connect are the 590, from Rochdale to Todmorden and Halifax, and the 592, from Burnley to Todmorden and Halifax – both boasting equally scenic views along their routes.

Image credit: Railwaymedia


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