#AYearOfBuses 71: Bower Ashton – Frenchay


It’s back to Bristol for day 71 on #AYearOfBuses to take a look at the bus linking two of the city’s biggest university campuses with the city centre.

First’s 71 runs every 7-8 mins (alongside its sister route, the 70) between UWE’s Bower Ashton Campus in the south west of the city, through the city centre to Frenchay Campus just north of the city centre. They take a different route to Frenchay Campus than the 48A and its Virtual Electric double deckers¬†which we featured on day 48 of #AYearOfBuses – the 71 runs along the Cheswick Bus Link through Stoke Gifford, a 1km-long bus and cycle-only route between the UWE campus and Abbeywood Roundabout.

The 70 and 71 are home to a fleet of attractive plum-coloured route-branded Wright Streetdecks, with tastefully-understated line maps and subtle wording dashed across their sides.


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