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#AYearOfBuses 57: Exeter – Exmouth

Stagecoach Gold 57

On day 57 of #AYearOfBuses, we’re staying put right here in Exeter! It’s the bigger brother of yesterday’s CONNexIONS 56 – Stagecoach Gold 57, linking Exeter with Exmouth.

Only the second Stagecoach Gold route we’ve featured in this series, the 57 is Stagecoach South West’s luxury link between the city of Exeter, and the coastal port town of Exmouth, which sits quite literally at the mouth of the River Exe. Running parallel with the river from the city to the coast, there are some quite simply downright spectacular views to be savoured from the top deck.

In November 2015, Stagecoach unveiled a £2.1 million fleet of 10 new, luxury Alexander Dennis Enviro400-bodied Scanias for the route, providing customers with free WiFi, USB charging and leather seats with extra legroom. Stagecoach launched the route, which runs up to every 15 mins, 7 days a week, to great fanfare, with a roadshow featuring a ‘golden ticket giveaway’, with 50 customers at each event winning a day’s free travel.

Gold launch

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