#AYearOfBuses 46: X46 Hull – Beverley – York


East Yorkshire’s X46, connecting Hull with Beverley and the City of York, is today’s winner on #AYearOfBuses.

With a journey time of around two hours, the X46 is one of East Yorkshire’s flagship routes, run by a fleet of MCV EvoSeti-bodied Volvo B5TL double deckers connecting two of Yorkshire’s biggest cities every hour, every day.

The Volvos on the X46 are fitted with free WiFi and tables upstairs, something which East Yorkshire trialled on the route before rolling out to its latest deliveries on other routes, including later Volvos for the 127, which connects Hull with the seaside town of Scarborough.

The X46 has plenty of sights to see from those upstairs seats, too – there’s a unique pub, Cannon Junction, which consist of two marooned railway carriages wedged under an old railway arch, the Minster at Beverley, and plenty of stunning East Yorkshire countryside for good measure.


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