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#AYearOfBuses 132: Connector Oxford – Wantage

x32 connector

It’s day 132 here on #AYearOfBuses, and following on from yesterday, we’re sticking with the Go-Ahead Group for a look at Thames Travel’s Connector.

Connector is a network of interurban routes centred around Didcot and Oxford, linking the two towns with Abingdon, Harwell Campus Oxford, Chilton and Wantage. A fleet of smartly-presented two-tone silver and lime green buses, fitted with free 4G WiFi, run up to every 15 mins along the core section between Didcot and Harwell Campus.

The X32 is one of the longest Connector routes, running all the way from Oxford to Didcot and Wantage. Several of the other routes in the network, the 97, 98 and 99, were recently launched as part of an innovative arrangement with Thames Travel and Taylor Wimpey homes to bring residents of the new housing development closer to the Milton Park technology and business centre.

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