#AYearOfBuses 1: m1 Poole – Bournemouth – Castlepoint

To be honest, there are no shortage of routes with the number 1 around the UK – most of our towns’ and cities’ bus networks start with 1, and there are plenty of interurban routes sharing the number too.

But there’s one particular ‘1’ which quite simply stands miles apart from the crowd.

Morebus m1 (and its siblings, the n1, m2 and n2) make #AYearOfBuses having recently won the award for Sustained Marketing Excellence at the UK Bus Awards, following a round of heavy investment and recent growth of over 110%. Yes – 110%!

Go South Coast invested a staggering £7.2million to bring a fleet of 41 new Alexander Dennis Enviro200MMC buses to Morebus m1 and m2 in 2018, with each bus featuring free WiFi, USB power, contactless payments, and more.

m1 and m2 run up to every five minutes at peak times, and run 24/7 between Bournemouth and Poole – including on Christmas Day!


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