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#AYearOfBuses 260: MAX Aylesbury – Milton Keynes

Arriva MAX X60

We’re taking another trip through rural Bedfordshire and Buckinghamshire today here on #AYearOfBuses – it’s Arriva’s MAX X60.

We featured one of two MAX routes linking Aylesbury with Milton Keynes back on day 150 of #AYearOfBuses! Whereas the 150 runs east out of Aylesbury via Leighton Buzzard, the X60 heads due north to Buckingham on its journey between the two towns.

Both are MAX-spec routes, and both routes run on a diet of branded Mercedes-Benz Citaros.

At the western end, the X60 – as does the 150 – starts from the lovely central England town of Aylesbury, with its quintessentially English Georgian, Jacobean and Tudor buildings. From there, it strolls on through Buckinghamshire to the grid-patterned New Town of Milton Keynes.

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