#AYearOfBuses 203: Manchester – Stockport

Manchester bus 203

We’re heading back to Manchester for day 203 on #AYearOfBuses – today’s winner is the 203, linking the city with Reddish and Stockport. Stagecoach Manchester’s 203 is one of the company’s ‘Hyde Road’ routes, which along with its siblings the 201, 204 and 205 come together to offer a bus every few minutes from Gorton […]

#AYearOfBuses 192: Manchester – Hazel Grove

Stagecoach bus 192

Today, it’s a big one. On day 192 of #AYearOfBuses, there could only be one winner. A stalwart of Manchester’s bus scene, the 192 has a long and distinguished history, which began with horse-drawn trams at the Hazel Grove end of the route in 1889. Fast forward over 130 years, and – along with the […]

#AYearOfBuses 92: Hazel Grove – Manchester


Today’s route on #AYearOfBuses runs only in only direction, only on a weekday morning – because it was too confusing for customers to catch on the way home! Stagecoach Manchester’s X92 is a non-stop, express version of its popular 192 – one of the busiest bus corridors in Europe (and a route which we’ll come […]

#AYearOfBuses 42: Manchester – East Didsbury – Stockport

Finglands 42

Providing the backbone for one of Europe’s busiest bus corridors, the 42 is quite simply THE staple food of the Mancunian bus diet.  The 42 runs from Manchester’s Piccadilly Gardens bus station, through the heart of the universities and out towards Fallowfield, East Didsbury and Stockport, in the south of the city. With a bus […]

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