#AYearOfBuses 82: Manchester – Waterhead

First 82

Day 82 on #AYearOfBuses takes us back to Manchester, for a look at one of the city’s key trunk routes. First Manchester’s 82, along with its sister route, the 83, runs with a combined frequency of around every 5-7 mins between Manchester, Newton Heath, Failsworth and Oldham, with the 82 continuing to Waterhead and the […]

#AYearOfBuses 58: Rochdale – Oldham

First 58

Today’s winner on #AYearOfBuses isn’t the most scenic route in the world, nor does it run to any particularly interesting places…anymore. First Manchester’s route 58 is one of the main bus routes linking the two Greater Manchester towns of Oldham and Rochdale, calling at Shaw, Crompton and Milnrow along the way. It’s changed very little […]

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