#AYearOfBuses 4: i4 Nottingham – Derby

i4 bus on Old Market Square, Nottingham

Born out of pure Trent Barton ‘Rainbow’ pedigree, i4 (Nottingham – Sandiacre – Derby) is 4th on our list for #AYearOfBuses. Of course, it was only natural we’d choose i4 to take the number 4 spot – it was the subject of our very first ever article here on Transport Designed, way back in 2012. The […]

trent barton: a lesson in brand management

i4 bus on Old Market Square, Nottingham

Trent barton is not your typical bus company. Later this month, it will roll out the long-awaited and much anticipated i4 concept – something of a revolution for the company. We interviewed Alex Hornby, Commercial Director at trent barton, to find out a little more about the company’s new direction. What makes trent barton so […]

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