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Transport Designed’s Review of 2016 – September

Autonomous shuttles begin trials in Lyon


Battery-powered autonomous vehicles launched in the French city of Lyon in September, as part of a trial to provide a sustainable ‘last-mile’ service in the city’s Confluence district.

The shuttles, designed by French driverless car specialist Navya, started running on a 1.3 mile circular route serving five regular stops on the line.

The shuttles travel at around 20km/h, following a route segregated from normal traffic and marked by pictograms on the ground. The driverless fleet is managed by Navly, a new company established jointly by Navya and transport operator Keolis.

We popped over to Lyon in November to test out these new-fangled driverless shuttles – look out for a more in-depth article appearing on Transport Designed soon.

What else happened in September?

  • Stagecoach uses Comic Sans on a Barnsley destination display

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