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UK operators make social brands shortlist

UK operators make social brands shortlist

Midlands bus operator Trent Barton, rail operators London Midland and Virgin Trains have been shortlisted – again – for Headstream’s Social Brands 100 report.

The three UK operators join the likes of Audi, American Airlines and ABSOLUT on the shortlist which measures excellence in social media communications. And not for the first time – all three made it into the top 100 shortlist in 2012.

Social Brands 100 aims to benchmark brand engagement in social spheres, providing a snapshot of social media’s evolution over the years and identifying industry leaders. Over 700 brands were involved in this year’s research.

The final ranking will be announced and published on 23 May.

Follow the Social Brands 100 hashtag – #sb100, and don’t forget to follow transportdesigned on Twitter: @transportdsn.

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Matt Harrison

Matt Harrison is a transport marketer, copywriter, detail-obsessed design critic and founder of Transport Designed. He's had almost ten years of experience working in marketing and has an unhealthy obsession with anything Helvetica.

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