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Transport Designed’s Review of 2016 – July

Monotype brought Johnston 100 to the streets of London

Johnston 100

Sticking with type, July brought us Johnston 100, Monotype’s beautifully remastered typeface for TfL.

Monotype were tasked with updating ‘New Johnston’, itself an updated version of the original Johnston font first commissioned in 1913. Certain characters needed to be created – Johnston never created hashtags or @ symbols in his original typeface, because Twitter hadn’t been invented yet.

Other characters were updated where elements of the original font had been lost over years of evolution – such as the distinctive diagonal bowl of the lowercase letter g, and the wider uppercase U. New thin and hairline weights were also added for the very first time.

The remastered Johnston was rolled out by TfL from July, initially for printed materials including Tube maps and posters. It will be used extensively on the Elizabeth Line from 2018.

Daniel Wright suggested Johnston 100 for our Review of 2016, remarking that: ‘Johnston100 restores a lot of the subtle character of the original’.

What else happened in July?

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