Transport Designed’s Review of 2016 – January

The pioneer is back – riding redefined on the 36

Spacious seating arrangement at the rear of the lower deck.

January 2016 played host to what surely has to be remembered as the bus industry’s poshest ever launch ceremony, as Transdev Blazefield revealed the bold new identity for their flagship 36.

Riding was officially redefined at the event, which took place against the backdrop of Harrogate’s magnificent Majestic Hotel. Two of the new vehicles for the 36 were unveiled outside the hotel, to a dazzling light show complete with oh-so-dramatic music.

The vehicles themselves, 14 brand new Volvo B5TL / Wright Gemini 3s worth a tidy £3.3million, were available to nosy around on the evening. The livery, the interior and the branding blew our minds at the time – simply sumptuous.

Looking back at our blog from the evening, we commented: “…even the most occasional bus user, who knows nothing about the brand, the vehicles, the company or indeed the designers could deduce that this exquisite package was put together by a team who are at the very top of their game”.

We at TD Towers were very lucky to be invited along for the evening – you can read up on all of the action here,

Transdev in Harrogate 36-branded B5TL 3620 (BL65 YYT).

What else happened in January?

Next up: February

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