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Hand drawn maps of London by Jenni Sparks

Jenni Spark's Olympic Park

Here’s something cool we stumbled across this week.

Illustrator and map-maker Jenni Sparks has created this beautifully detailed hand-drawn map of inner-city and Central London, complete with public transport picked out.

Wonderfully isometric in design, Jenni’s map highlights the meandering paths of Tube and heavy rail lines, and has been created with the intention of providing a guide for tourists which subverts the traditional (and often badly designed) idea of what a tourist map should look like.

The map features all of the major tourist spots, including beautifully detailed representations of the Shard, Olympic Park, the Gherkin and Earl’s Court – and if you look closely enough, you might even spot some familiar characters…

Jenni's map of London features many familiar sights...

Jenni’s map of London features many familiar sights…

Jenni Sparks' incredible London map.

Jenni Sparks’ incredible London map in its entirety.

Jenni’s work is available to view on her website, and you can buy prints of these incredible illustrations¬†at Evermade.

All images are copyright – Jenni Sparks.

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