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#AYearOfBuses 95: Edinburgh – Carlisle


Day 95 on #AYearOfBuses takes us to the Borders for a ride along the famous ‘Waverley route’.

Borders Buses, part of the West Coast Motors family, run the X95, which crosses the Anglo-Scottish border on its scenic route from Carlisle, in the North of England, to Edinburgh, Scotland’s capital. It passes through several towns along the border including Galashiels and Hawick.

West Coast Motors acquired First Scotland East’s operations in the Scottish Borders in 2017. Operating under the Borders Buses name, it runs a network of bus routes across the Scottish Borders, Carlisle, East Lothian, Midlothian and Edinburgh area.

Borders Buses run the route with a mixture of buses and coaches from their fleet, including, interestingly, Plaxton Leopards bedecked in their pleasant red and cream colour scheme.

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