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#AYearOfBuses 81: Irwell Line Bury – Rawtenstall – Blackburn

Rosso 481

Day 81 takes us to Rossendale for the first time for a look at one of Rosso’s recently revitalised routes.

We’ve used some poetic license here, but it’s a cracker! Rosso’s Irwell Line 481 runs from Bury to Rawtenstall, every 15 mins along with its sister route, the 483. Every hour, the 481 continues to Blackburn over the picturesque Haslingden Grane Road, whilst the 483 follows the River Irwell up to its source at Bacup and over to Burnley.

Early in 2019, the 481 & 483 received a sparkling makeover, gaining this attractive yellow and turquoise livery, free WiFi, USB power, next-stop announcements, and contactless payments on board as standard.

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  1. Sean Calvin P

    482 used to extend to Bacup (and Todmorden for a brief stint) every hour but was withdrawn upon refurbishment and replaced by new Rosso Routes.

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