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#AYearOfBuses 68: Preston – Blackpool

Stagecoach 68

Day 68 on #AYearOfBuses takes us back to Blackpool, for the second of Stagecoach’s routes connecting Preston with the seaside.

Stagecoach Merseyside, Cheshire and South Lancashire now run the 68, which runs as part of a small network centred on the North West seaside resort of Blackpool. A former Ribble route, the 68 runs 7 days a week, up to every 30 mins, stopping in St Annes Square, Lytham Square, Warton, Lea and Preston.

The 68 takes a particularly scenic coastal route heading south out of Blackpool, with spectacular views over the Irish Sea. It’s been a while since Olympians last ran on the route – today, it’s the preserve of Alexander Dennis Enviro400-bodied Scanias.

Blackpool map

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