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#AYearOfBuses 357: Manchester – Woodford

Manchester bus X57

Today’s winner on #AYearOfBuses – Manchester’s 157, which later became the X57 – doesn’t technically exist anymore, but at the same time…it does!

Manchester’s route 157 started life as a Bullock’s service, linking Woodford and Cheadle with Withington, Rusholme and Manchester city centre. After Stagecoach took over Bullocks, it became a Stagecoach route – who decided to try to grow the commuter market by making it a limited stop service, and renumbering it X57.

Sadly, things didn’t pan out as planned. Instead of binning the X57, it was reduced to a stopping service and renumbered as 42B. But its spirit lives on.

Image credit: Mikey on Flickr

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