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#AYearOfBuses 284: red4 Bury – Ramsbottom


It’s day 284 on #AYearOfBuses! We’re taking a look at a recently revitalised route from Rosso.

Red 4 (previously known as the 484…which is why we’ve chosen it for day 284 on #AYearOfBuses) is Rosso’s high-spec link between Bury, in Greater Manchester, and the nearby town of Ramsbottom.

Unusually for such a short route – little over 20 mins end to end – red 4 is ultra high spec, designed squarely to tempt commuters from their cars. It features full quilted leather seats, contactless payments, USB power, free WiFi, and a bus every 15 mins through the daytime.

Image credit: Scott Poole

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