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#AYearOfBuses 171: Withington Hospital – Newton Heath

Mayne 171

One of Manchester’s longest, most winding bus routes is our winner for day 171 on #AYearOfBuses.

It’s the bus route which arguably defines ’round the houses’.

Previously running from Withington Hospital (but now shortened slightly, to East Didsbury), the one-time Mayne’s 171 takes a snaking, winding route through Burnage, Levenshulme, Gorton, Openshaw, Clayton, Droylsden, and on to Newton Heath.

Now in the hands of Stagecoach, it was once a staple of Mayne’s route-branded Marshall Capital bodied Dennis Darts – a rare breed in Manchester, unique in the city when they were new.

Image credit: JE1791 on Flickr

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