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Alstom unveils design for its production Aptis

Alstom has unveiled the new design for Aptis, its 100% electric, tram-inspired mobility solution.

Unveiled at the European Mobility Exhibition that took place during June in Paris, the new design is the one for the standard vehicle, for which the first deliveries will be possible from July 2019.

For the production vehicles, Aptis will retain all the quirky features of the prototypes that make it unique: the full low floor; ‘berthing mode’ which brings the vehicle in close alignment to the pavement for better accessibility, the axles offset to each end, rear lounge and more.

The production Aptis is decidedly less ‘boxy’ than the prototype. Alstom reckons the new design is ‘inspired by new technologies to embed its innovative aspects in the electric bus market’ – such as the choice of a flat windshield inspired by digital tablets and smartboards. Sleek, simple lines enhance the modernity of the new design.

Alstom also says that the new exterior and interior design draws on strong images that reflect future mobility:

  • A sense of space, with a more welcoming, more spacious, more congenial rear lounge
  • The impression of movement, with an asymmetric interior layout to convey the idea of a street in motion
  • Integration into the urban landscape with better accessibility and, when viewed from the side, a perfectly symmetrical vehicle.

The production Aptis has been designed to meet the expectations of operators, including, for instance, perfectly symmetrical front and rear fittings to facilitate the replacement of parts and optimise stocks, and expanded overhead panels for the installation of larger, more visible screens and route maps.

What do you think about Aptis? Do you think it’ll take off, in the UK, Europe or elsewhere?

Let us know in the comments below, or tweet – @transportdsn.

Alstom's prototype Aptis was decidedly more boxy

Alstom’s prototype Aptis was decidedly more boxy

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