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Want to reach movers and shakers in the industry who have a passion for transport and design?

You’ve come to the right place.

Transport Designed is a growing website. Our readers and subscribers include everybody from transport industry business owners, CEOs, Managing Directors, influencers, commercial & marketing directors and managers, brand managers, designers, buying managers, politicians, to informed enthusiasts and beyond.

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Minimum effort, maximum impact. Banners are versatile and highly visible, and there are big savings available for longer placements and multisite bookings. Contact us for details.

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Other opportunities

Product reviews

Got a new app, brand or service? We’ll take your product for a spin and feature it in a candid, honest review article right here on Transport Designed.

All of our reviews are written with our frank, honest and occasionally tongue-in-cheek style of writing!

Price: £50 (travel expenses may be requested)

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Want to feature your product or service right here on Transport Designed?

We can write a bespoke editorial piece for your product or service, or feature your own words as an article on our site. Every editorial piece is posted organically (so it won’t scream ‘ADVERT!’ at our readers), and promoted across our social media channels with a minimum of 2 posts over 7 days.

12 months £50
24 months £79
Lifetime £249

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Supplier Spotlight

We’ll work with you to create an exclusive page for your brand on our website! Your Spotlight page will be linked to from our homepage, and it can include photos, videos and more. We’ll promote your brand through our social channels, too.

Price: £999 per year

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Newsletter sponsorship

Coming soon! Later in 2018, we’ll be launching our weekly email newsletter. We’ll have advertising and placement opportunities each week within the newsletter. More details here soon.

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